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Based on my experience in medical laboratories, I have found the key to revitalizing the body, restoring energy and vitality must begin inside the cells. You may know that every cell in your body has its own skin cell membrane. This skin allows nutrients to enter inside the cell as well as permits waste products to exit.

Even from an early age, our bodies begin to produce different types of cells-young, weak, sick and old cells. Over time, these cells begin to accumulate toxicity when their defense systems are weakened or they are stressed.

Young cells have a healthy skin, which allows them to take in vital nutrients and properly eliminate toxicity. Weak, sick and old cells have damaged skins. Accordingly, they cannot bring in nutrients or get rid of waste products through their skins. Unfortunately, the damaged skins prevent the cells from accepting most foods, vitamins or minerals.

In essence, they are starving. When a person is healthy, their young and strong cells are able to keep the weak, sick and old cells from multiplying. However, when we get stressed, ill or continually tired our own body's immune systems become weak. In turn, the healthy cells can no longer keep watch over the weakened cells. Therefore, now these damaged cells begin to reproduce in large numbers- this is what results in aging and/or disease.

Only specific healthy nutrients can penetrate these damaged skins. My program provides cells with the best combination of nutrients from vegetables and proteins that penetrate the damaged skins. The cells are then able to clean themselves out, eliminate toxic build up and rebuild their previously damaged skins-all at the same time!

Once your cells are cleansed and rebuilt, your body can digest and process vitamins, minerals and supplements much more efficiently as well as greatly extend the cell's life.
You will learn that my program has a very unique and different approach towards health. I wish you the best in your pursuit of good health.

Best Wishes,

Dr. Hanna