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The Secret of The Cell-Pure Para-Therapy Program lies in the tiny world of the cells that make up your body. Let us introduce to you to the tiny world of your cells, how to restore and rebuild them with special food. We call this food CELL-PURE FOOD. Many authorities support the idea of "fasting" to rejuvenate your body. Fasting destroys sick, old or weaker cells. We believe it is better to rejuvenate these cells. If we restore the cells to function like they did when they were young, they will last for a longer time. This gives energy and vitality to the body and eliminates the need to replace cells. If your cells are young in function, you are healthy. It is as simple as that.



This book is not about the function of your cells. This book recounts the events in Dr. Hanna’s life that lead up to her discovery about foods that heal.

During her medical studies she was continuously exposed to chemicals in the workplace including radiation. Over time she became ill and tried conventional medicines and nutritional supplements only to receive poor results.

She spent thousands of dollars on practically every product on the market but her symptoms only became worse. She was forced to find an alternative and started researching the benefits of raw, live and whole foods. She concluded that foods in
these forms have special healing powers. Along her journey of discovery she
compiled her findings in books including Cell-Orium.

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Info: 136 pages
publisher: Dr. Hanna Institute
ISBN: 0-9678683-0-0
language: English
Date: Second Printing 2000

Two informative books to give you detailed formation about CELL-OLOGY...
the study of cells and how the Cell-Pure Para-Therapy Program supports the cleansing and restoration of the cells. After reading these two books, your entire perspective of nutrition will change.


Book 1 of 2

This book explains, in a variety of short overviews, how the body works and why it
is important to understand it’s functions when treating any kind of disease or illness.
It also discusses why you need certain foods and nutrients to maintain a healthy
and balanced state of wellbeing as well as what foods create a harmful environment
for the cells and the entire body.

It will also explain what the cells are made of and why they function the way they do.
In the book’s introduction, Dr. Hanna talks about the foundation for developing her
program and how she discovered the possibility of reversing the aging process of
cellular metabolism (page VII).

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Info: 164 pages
publisher: Dr. Hanna Institute
ISBN: 0-9678683-1-9
language: English
Date: Second Printing 2000


Book 2 of 2

Acquaint yourself with the actual Cell-Pure Para-Therapy Program. Learn what each step will accomplish. The best part of our Program is that "you do not have to change your existing diet" (unless you choose to customize your Program - Step 5 ). The first 4 steps are the self-help portion for those with no health challenges, this plan is excellent.

We know, some people may choose to only do the first step... that's OK because the nutrients they will add to the diet with CELL-PURE FOOD, Food Support Supplements and Green Ambrosia will far-exceed anything they have ever tried before!

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Info: 98 pages
publisher: Dr. Hanna Institute
ISBN: 0-9678683-2-7
language: English
Date: First Printing 2000