Live Energy "Quick" Foods

1. Live Energy “Quick” Foods are part of THE CELL-PURE PARA-THERAPY PROGRAM. You must add into your daily diet a special combination of organic live and raw vegetables with electrolytes. Vegetables with electrolytes have the capability to penetrate through the damaged cell membranes and the cell foundation. These foods are pegged “Quick” foods because they have the ability to be instantly absorbed into the blood stream delivering nutrients for absorption by the cell membranes providing ultimate sources of essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and enzymes.

2. You must also include organic raw fibers, protein and vegetable seeds, which have the
capability of quickly rebuilding the function of the damaged cell membranes and foundations of the cells (Organalles). After a short period of time, your cells rejuvenate into healthy, young cells and the body begins to cleanse itself and establish the ability once again to receive and process nutrition.

In recent years there has been a tremendous attempt to control weight and other health
concerns through a diet high in animal protein. This heavily one-sided diet has been the topic of much controversy. Whether good or bad, one thing is certain, protein is extremely important in rebuilding damaged cells. It is also not possible for our bodies to function with out the presence of protein. Without protein cells could not rebuild enzymes. However there has been little concern or discussion on the different types of protein and how they effect the body and the healing process. The easiest
protein for the body to absorb and process is that which is found in organic seeds and nuts as opposed to proteins found in meats and other animal products which may do more damage than good. For detailed information on this topic, please refer to excerpts of Dr. Hanna and Dr. Blobel’s (the 1999 Noble Prize recipient in medicine) study of cellular metabolism in Dr. Hanna’s book, “Cell-Orium.”

Dr. Hanna’s program is not strictly a vegetarian diet. “The Feel Well For Life Guide, Book I” and “Bridge Menu Book 1 & 2” feature recipes that include animal protein. The foods in her program are always eaten in addition to each individual’s current daily diet making the entire program available and its goals achievable for everyone. Live Energy “Quick” Foods synergistically work with Dr. Hanna’s Food Support Supplements


All of Dr. Hanna's plans are natural holistic solutions that include all of the tools you need to dramatically improve your quality of life.