Be Your Own Practitioner

Learn How To Benefit From Cellular Nutrition

A summary of Dr. Hanna’s concepts.

You will learn about:
• Why we develop disease
• Why we develop sick and old cells
• The four factors that lead to disease
– Damaged cell membranes
– Inherent genetic weaknesses
– Damaged genes
– Lack of oxygen

You will also learn how to:
• “Reverse disease”
• Rebuild the function of the sick and old cells and organs
• The three factors that rebuild the sick and old cells and organs
– Electrolytes foods containing oxygen
– Nutrients with large amounts of DNA and RNA
– Peptides and neuropeptides

Dr. Hanna developed her program, Cell-Pure Para-Therapy that includes
Live Energy “Quick” Foods

The program provides details on:
• How to begin
• How to prepare Veggie Cream
• How to prepare morning mixture using  FiberTein and VeggieTein

Easy to understand and absorb.

I believe that the more you know, the better you will be able to apply my concepts and be on your way to helping yourself live a healthy and happy life.


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