Dr. Hanna


Hanna W. Karwacka, Dr. Med Sci., Cellular Pathophysiologist and Nutritional Counselor. Dr. “Hanna” received her PhD in the “Aging Process at Cell Level” from The Medical Academy in Poland. Also, Dr. Hanna specializes in Histology (tissue anatomy), pathology and neuropathology. She was a former exchange scientist at the world-famous Salk Institute in La Jolla, California. Dr. Hanna’s credentials also include: former Director of Electron Microscopy of Unit Laboratory of Neuropathology Department at the Psychoneurological Institute and Postgraduate Medical Education Center in Warsaw, Poland

*Electronmicroscopic Studies of Fibroblasts in the Process of Aging of Tissue Culture

Dr. Hanna’s concept of cellular nutrition is based on her medical studies and her independent research into the effects of foods and herbs on the cells that make up our organs.

In addition to her laboratory experience, Dr. Hanna provided nutritional counseling to individuals dealing with arthritis, senility, cancer, allergy/sinus, diabetes, asthma, osteoporosis, heart and brain disorders.


The Scientific community popularly believed many years ago that a specific enzymatic group of cells that today I am calling “old enzymes” (those active in the aging of cells) decreased over time. In the late 1960s, Dr. Hanna, then a medical student working as a volunteer in the lab, discovered the exact opposite was true. She found “old enzymes” actually increase over time, contributing to accelerated aging. For her discovery Dr. Hanna was awarded a listing in the internationally renown Karolinska Institute Library (see Cell-orium, “I didn’t know I would grow up to be the cooking doctor”, pgs 2-4).


While working on her Ph.D. for “Aging Process at the Cellular Level” in a laboratory in Poland in 1974, Dr. Hanna found that:

“Proper cleansing and nutrients provided to cells actually extended the life of cells and in some instances restored the metabolism of cells so they could function again like they did when they were young.”

These discoveries laid the foundation for the evolution of Dr. Hanna’s Cellular Nutrition Program. Dr. Hanna’s concept for her program was supported by the studies and findings of Nobel Prize Laureate, Dr. Gunter Blobel, M.D., Ph.D., in 1999 (see Cell-orium, “I Didn’t Know I Would Grow Up To Be The Cooking Doctor”, pgs. 45-47).

Dr. Hanna’s biography is included in the Books: Cell-ology 1 and 2.

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