Dramatically increases energy level as the protein from the fibers (bran) nuts and seeds rapidly converts into molecules (peptides and neuropeptides) and neutralizes acids in the body. This combination of foods quickly nourishes all of your organs including the brain. This nutrient-dense food is also excellent for muscle and tissue re-building. Hunger disappears, you eat less while feeling refreshed. With continued use, this mixture will improve digestive functions without leaving you feeling bloated. Great for enhanced mental clarity too!

Mix FiberTein with hot water to the consistency you prefer. Eat prior to your regular meals and eat less. Lose weight while eating your favorite foods.

Combine with oatmeal, Dr. Hanna’s recipes (see Be Your Own Practitioner) or your favorite foods!

Combine with VeggieTein for complete cellular nutrition.

You don’t need to change your diet. For more information visit our Concept page.

FiberTein ingredients:

*FlaxSeeds, *Sunflower Seeds, *Sesame Seeds, Rice Bran, *Wheat Germ, *Oat Bran, *Wheat Bran, *Pumpkin Seeds, Celery Seeds, *Poppy Seeds (partially cut).
*Organic Raw Ground

Do not consume if you have allergies to gluten.

24oz Jar: $73.86


32oz Vacuum Sealed Bag: $82.68


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