“I still ate whatever other foods I wanted at first – even foods that are not considered to be “healthy”. But after a few weeks, I found my taste for foods had changed; I simply wasn’t hungry for “unhealthy” foods anymore. My diet had changed all by itself — no will power involved! I found my cravings were for Cell-Pure Foods! Imagine that . . . craving healthy stuff!”
San Diego, CA – 1995

“I want thank Dr. Hanna for creating such a powerful recipe that is easy to make and store and tastes good too! Every parent should know about Dr. Hanna and her amazing recipes.”
Tom & Kids
Orange County, CA – 2005

“I began using FiberTein and VeggieTein and recipes from the books back in December 2005 and after only a month my transformation has been unbelievable. I am mentally and physically 100 percent better. I am glad to say that I am also finally drug free. I have substituted power bars with FiberTein and VeggieTein paste every 2 hours while I am at work and I have never felt so good in my life.
Orange County, CA – 2004

“…The very next day, I had increased energy and felt much better overall. I could get through my day and even worked extended hours. I had greater clarity as well. The fog had lifted. I even lost 4-5 pounds over the next three weeks and my infections went away within a few days. However I still needed to get to the root of my problem as she had explained that we are all born with at least 10 inherent genetic weaknesses. When I met with her again we discussed that fact that both of my uncles died of colon cancer and my father had Crohn’s Disease. I then began adding the VegeTein and FiberTein mixtures into my daily diet and they really made a difference in my digestion process.”
Orange Co, CA – 2005

“I know I will live a long healthy life by using the Cell Pure system everyday! If you are truly interested in leading a healthy, active and long life and feeling good everyday then the Cell Pure System is for you. The Cell Pure System attacks free radicals, purifies your body at the cellular level and is the best system for health; it has truly changed my life.”
Donald K. Dougherty, Partner
BotanaMedica, LLC

La Costa, CA – 2004

“…and now, after many years, another interesting thing is happening. I was born without toenails on my little toes. All of a sudden, I am growing toenails on those toes! WOW! Needless to say, I’ll be taking these green foods every day for the rest of my life. I feel excited to see what more can be accomplished.”
George T. Mioduski
Masters Degree In Electrical Engineering

Bedford, TX – July 1990

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