VeggieTein is part of the Dr. Hanna 16 and Life Energy “Quick” Foods program. This program instantly rebuilds or “restores” your sick and old cells so that they can efficiently improve the function of organs. Medical research has proven there are 44 nutrients that the human body cannot live without and cannot manufacture on its own. These nutrients include: 21 Minerals, 13 Vitamins, eight Amino Acids and two Essential Fatty Acids (Omega-3 Alpha-Linolenic Acid and Omega-6 Linoleic Acid). When combining VeggieTein with FiberTein, this mixture will supply the body with most of the essential nutrients that are vital for proper cellular function. A healthy system provides increased energy, clarity and mental focus.


Mix VeggieTein with hot water to the consistency you prefer. Eat prior to your regular meals and eat less. Lose weight while eating your favorite foods.

Use with salads, Dr. Hanna’s recipes (see Be Your Own Practitioner) or your favorite foods!

Combine with FiberTein for complete cellular nutrition.

You don’t need to change your diet. For more information visit our Concept page.

VeggieTein Ingredients:

*Almonds, *Sunflower Seeds, *Sesame Seeds, *Pumpkin Seeds, *Macadamia Nuts, *Fenugreek Seeds, *Red Clover Seeds, *Chia Seeds, *Broccoli Seeds, *Poppy Seeds (partially cut).
*Organic Raw Ground

16oz Jar: $74.94

16oz Vacuum Sealed Bag: $65.50

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